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Floor moisture during the rainy season

in Der Ort Stegen 24.03.2016 03:19
von meishengchao | 107 Beiträge

Wooden floors are wood are dried, processed form of surface decoration materials. It has a natural pattern, comfortable, safe features, it is the ideal material for the bedroom, living room, study, etc. floor surface decoration. The reason is the floor damp air humidity, rain precursor. At the same temperature the greater the easier condensation of air humidity, especially when the current temperature is still relatively low. And because there is paint the floor surface does not absorb water, so the damp floor of the phenomenon is more common.
Damp day "formation requires two conditions, one is enough water vapor, the second is the indoor and outdoor temperature difference. Now is the time period of transition is the" damp day "the highest occurrence rate period. When the indoor and outdoor temperature reaches a certain level, and the air humidity is high, contains abundant water vapor when warm air masses blown into the room experience cold floors and walls, furniture, etc., will condense into water droplets. It was just after the winter, the media is still relatively cool, then coupled with the recent rainy weather continued, no doubt more emphasis on the "damp" phenomenon.
Faced with the imminent "damp days," every day we turn open the window, you can withstand the warm air. If it is moist interior, open the home air conditioners, select the "dehumidification mode", take away moisture from the room. In the economic conditions permit, it may be home add some moisture products, such as desiccants, moisture-proof storage boxes.
Consumers buy the floor behind the film is moisture products, able to protect the floor. Before installation of the floor should do some measures that will help prevent floor "sweating." Floor coverings should be selected in a dry environment, in the back of the floor covered with a thick film of moisture-proof quality, because moisture films generally have a thickness of about 5-10mm, which can effectively prevent the penetration of moisture underground, but also take into account corner position Oh, it does not affect the overall because of local.
Wood floor "superficial" to do well, do a good job in the bottom of the moisture, then do moisture wood floor surface. The easiest way is to give our wood floor waxing, waxing not only can make up our daily lives to the scars left by the wooden floor, the floor at the same time enhance the brightness wax itself has waterproof moisture function. Waxing will happen because the number of old and new floor to another, the new wood floor every two weeks or once a month to play, continuous play 3-4 times can be like the old floor wax after every six months as complement to play a wax, so the moisture can be effectively
For wood floor care and maintenance must be able to "two ground" and the "three bogey."
* Ground lighting wax. Waxing on the wooden floors have better protection, but also to increase the floor finish, wash * View humidity. Heating in winter the indoor temperature is high, the air is dry, the humidity should be increased, as in the interior basin of water, can also use a humidifier; rain for a long time, air humidity, ventilation windows should * avoid early repair patch. Paved wooden floors, a variety of reasons will be cracking, degumming, warping, loose and so, once the individual floor deformation, deformation should be considered the causes and laying methods (stitches or gluing) timely repair or replacement. Deformation of the floor
* Avoid very hot exposure. Please do not pay attention to cigarettes, stoves and heaters placed directly on the wooden floor to prevent burn-out spot and burning fire. * Avoid pouring wine agents. Do not soy sauce, wine and beverage pH solvents or chemicals spilled on the wooden floor.
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