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in Philosophie 21.03.2016 04:30
von Yunxiaocuo | 536 Beiträge

If are a native English speaker with a college degree in ANY subject you can easily find work teaching in Bangkok within 10 days nike juvenate mens , just follow the steps below. Before You Leave: There are several things you'll want to have in order before you leave to make your job search easier once you arrive in Thailand. 1. Make several copies of your college degree and pack them along with the original in a protective case. 2. Some employers in Thailand will ask for University transcripts so get several copies to bring along with you. 3. Create a resume specific to teaching abroad before you leave. Make sure it emphasizes any teaching, training or travel experience that you have. Save your resume to either CD or flash drive before you go so you can print it at an internet shop in Bangkok. 4. Most employers will ask for references so make sure to get 2-3 letters of reference from employers, co-workers or teachers. 5. Send contact emails to the big English schools in Bangkok before you leave. You should summarize your qualifications, let them know when you're arriving in Thailand and ask for an interview. 6. Pack 2-3 nice outfits for interviewing. This means suit and tie for men and business attire for women nike juvenate uk , either skirt or pants is fine, but I think a skirt is viewed more positively by the Thai's. Day 1: Arrival in Thailand Hopefully you booked a hotel before you arrived, but if not don't worry. There are hundreds of hotels in Bangkok with prices starting under $10 a night. Do some internet research before you go or simply head right to Khao San Road when you arrive. Day 2: Get Your Bearings Sleep in late and let your body start to adjust. No job searching today, instead just wander about and start to take in your new surroundings. Back at your room unpack your resume nike shox clearance , transcripts, degree etc. Unpack one set of interview clothes. If they are wrinkled take them to the hotel or guest house laundry and get them ironed. Have a good dinner and get to bed early. Day 3: Get a Mobile Phone You'll need a number for prospective employers to call you at. Don't give them the number to your hotel or guest house and ask them to leave a message. This is both unprofessional and unreliable. Many messages will go astray or be delivered late. Mobile phones are cheap and easily available in Bangkok. Go to one of the large shopping centers such as Central Pinklao (close to Khao San Road) or Mah Boon Krong - MBK (close to Silom, take the BTS and get off at the National Stadium station) and you'll find many shops selling both new and used mobile phones. Expect to pay 2000 baht (around $60) or upwards for a decent phone. Try to buy new if you can afford it. You can get used phones cheaper, but I don't recommend it. The used phones will generally only last anywhere from 2 months to 2 days and there is no return policy. Save yourself some hassle and buy new nike shox uk , it's still inexpensive. Day 4: Hit the Computer Get your resume CD (or the flash drive) and head out to one of the internet cafes. Open your resume and add your new phone number to it and then print out 20 copies. The cheaper internet cafes will charge just 5 baht a copy. Keep your resumes in a thick folder to keep them safe and unwrinkled. Next, fire up the browser and head over to TEFL Asia where you'll find one of the best lists of available teaching jobs in Thailand. Take a look through and copy any that seem promising to you. Send an email to each of the promising one's and paste your resume directly into the body of the email rather than attaching a file. In the email tell the school that you're in Bangkok and are looking to start immediately. Ask them to review your resume and ask for an interview. Close the letter with your phone number and email address. By now you could probably use a break to clear your head, stretch your legs and get something to eat. Head out to get some great and cheap Thai food. Now back to the internet cafe and fire up your browser again to visit Dave's ESL Cafe. This site isn't specific to teaching English in Thailand, but there are usually some Thai jobs listed. Browse through the list and send emails to any of the jobs that look good to you. Just like before nike roshe run mens , tell the school that you are in Bangkok and are looking to start immediately. Ask them to review your resume and ask for an interview. Close the letter with your phone number and email address. Finally, send follow up emails to the big English schools that you contacted previously, if you haven't heard back from them yet. Refer to the previous email and let them know that you are now in Bangkok and ready to start working immediately. Close the letter with your phone number and ask for an interview again. Day 5: Hit the Pavement Time to actually get yourself out there in front of some employers, so put on your business clothes nike air max 95 mens , grab your resumes, diploma and transcript copies and copies of your reference letters and get moving. The first place you want to go is a photo shop to get some passport type photos. Most of the schools in Bangkok will ask for a photo as part of your application package. You can find numerous photo shops around the Khao San Road area where you can get passport sized photos for around 100 baht for four. Get 12 or more. Next go check your email since you might have responses from yesterday's inquiries. Immediately call andor email any schools that have shown an interest to schedule an interview. Make sure to get directions to the school. The rest of your day will be spent visiting schools. It's not the most efficient way of conducting a job search due to the traffic in Bangkok, but it is good to get some face to face exposure and practice interviewing. The top thing to keep in mind when interviewing is to smile and show enthusiasm. When looking for walk-in interviews the best place to start is Siam Square because of the large number of English schools. Get a taxi and tell the driver "SiaI.

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