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Pavement wooden floor recommendation

in Der Ort Stegen 29.02.2016 07:10
von meishengchao | 107 Beiträge

1, flooring nails, have a cross slot on the nut, you can use shou gun drill twist. + Hairpin smashed with a hammer, results are easily injured by the floor, and then pry up also especially strenuous.
2, wood floor keel Do Province, buy good.
3, when the practice of laying the keel to look at the line pipe, it must be a bridge of formula (I was half a bottle of water, by the gall shook Bale.
I understand it is on that side of the keel to dig down a notch, the notch is to allow the line to go through the tube. As is not called "bridge" type the name, I can not remember).
4, brick paved to protect, or if there is a nail out on the tiles soiled water rust, the rust stains on tiles to seep in, and I have two middle of the living room, I knelt down and rubbed for a long time useless. NND really want to cut the nails that throw workers;
5, so use neutral brick, brown series, as well as quartzite series of dirt. Oujia kitchen and a large balcony very dirt.
6, buy tiles must consider the loss, would rather buy some more later passed on, not something important to the imminent fixing authorities merely replenishment, replenishment basically have from mentioning the very troublesome and grueling patience (and multi-operator buy You can also multi-point price). After the best kitchen tile stickers affixed to good old newspaper or plastic film What if your home worker in the kitchen cooking, then complete renovation is an important part of your job is cleaning the kitchen to wash the grease.
7, buy black walnut plywood do not know, come back and rinsed out the paint, it was dark come, later learned that the factory has been dealt with, that my home is a more distinct black and white ......
8, there is not even a flower tiles aligned doors, partial brick half position. (Renovation work lazy, he did not cut the tiles to fight, we lazy, did not go) Do not believe decorated union with the mind, even if they will manifest error did not wrong.
9, if the bathroom floor higher than the hall can be used to solve the door stone transition. Brick color is difficult to find satisfactory, I do not find, however, two kinds of color are not satisfied with staggered mosaic sub 45-degree angle I was able to achieve very satisfactory results. That would put forward bricklayer themselves good advice. Ground water under the supervision of agents to use, I was not in accordance with the requirements of the bricklayer but directly poured on the ground, it can even do! It is not best to do it yourself, do not bother but assured.
11, with wood floors, easy to Alice, a long time wear parts of the particularly ugly.
12, leaving a small gap, and wood floors to go up a little ring.
13, public places, better than laminated flooring tiles.
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