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Introduction of atomization technology of atomizing nozzleAtomization technology has almost covered all industrial sectors Dallas CowboysByron Jones Jersey , such as transportation, agricultural production, as well as the daily lives of the people, in addition to the bustion of various fuels (gas, liquid and solid fuels), atomizing technology also has a wide range of applications in the industries such as non-bustion catalytic granulation, food processing, powder coating pesticide spraying aspects and spray gun nozzle. The so-called liquid atomization ans in the effect of the applied energy, the liquid is changed into a liquid fog or other small droplets in the gas environnt. Atomization chanism has been interpreted in a number of ways Andrew Gachkar Jersey , such as aerodynamic interference theory, pressure ock theory, the turbulent perturbations theory, air turbulence theory, boundary conditions mutations theory. Five theories of atomization technologyFirst, aerodynamic interference theory, Castleman first proposed the aerodynamic interference theory. He believes that due to aerodynamic interference effects beeen the jet and the surrounding gas, instability fluctuations are produced on the jet surfe. With the increase of speed, surfe length affected by the unstable wave is orter and orter Danny McCray Jersey , until microns and then the jet is spread into the mist. Second, Pressure oscillation theory, this theory observes that liquid supply system pressure oscillation has impt on the atomization process. Thus, aording to the prevalent pressure oscillations in the general injection system, we can ensure it plays an important role in atomization of atomizing nozzle.Third, Turbulent disturbance theory, this theory believes jet atomization process ours inside the nozzle, and fluid turbulence may play an important role. Soone also suggest that the radial ponent velocity fluid movent as turbulent pipe flow nozzle at the nozzle exit resulting in the atomization. Fourth, Air disturbance theory Keith Rivers Jersey , it holds the opposite attitude to turbulent disturbance theory, it believes that the large-amplitude pressure disturbances in the fuel injection system is caused by atomization. Fifth, Boundary conditions mutation theory, the boundary conditions mutations holds the opinion that at the mutations happen in the nozzle outlet and the boundary condition of the liquid (internal stress).Conclusion of five nozzle theoriesThere are inadequies in the five nozzles chanism hypothesis and even conflicting. Most scholars, such as Brao FV supports aerodynamic interference theory. The hypotheses fully explain the low speed jet breakup and the high-speed jet, and it can be used as the basic cause of the atomization. Now the fuel spray atomization chanism is researched in o ways at ho and abroad: first, use nurical techniques to create a variety of hypotheses model nurical modeling studies; the other hand, use advanced photoelectric test technology to capture the details of the atomization process , in order to provide support for the hypothesis.www.spray-nozzle.We are a high tech pany which bined R&D Ben Gardner Jersey , sales and production together. Our pany has bee one of the biggest manufturers of spray nozzle in China after a developnt of more than 11 years. All the products have passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality and environt certificate, which can satisfy the reuqirents of our custors. This article is e from:http:pannel.aluminum-mhine.uncategorizedtechnology-developnt-of-atomizing-nozzle. ---
SOCHI, March 6 (Xinhua) -- The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) on Thursday called on Ukraine not to boycott Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, giving their athletes the opportunity to compete.

Craig Spence, media and communications director of the IPC, said that IPC President Philip Craven had held a "productive meeting" Wednesday night with the president of the Ukrainian National Paralympic Committee. "They are still weighing up their options as the situation changes back home," Spence said.

The director pointed out that the IPC hoped the Ukrainian athletes could stay as they want, because they have trained for four years to be in Sochi. "They don't want to get involved in politics. They want to compete. It's what they live for," he said.

"I don't think that boycotting normally works Jed Collins Jersey ," Spence said, adding that "they have a decision to make and the IPC will respect that decision."

Tensions are high after widespread anti-government protests in Ukraine left dozens dead and forced out President Viktor Yanukovych, a development branded illegal by his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

The Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Dmitry Bulatov has officially announced the decision to boycott the Sochi Paralympic Winter Games on Wednesday. However, the country's National Olympic Committee has not yet made a final decision.

According to the director, Ukraine said they were considering their options. There was a discussion on the options that were open to them, and the IPC hopes to have a decision in the next 48 hours.

The Sochi Paralympic Games are slated for March 7-16 with 72 medal events across five sports to be contested, namely alpine skiing, biathlon, cross country skiing Corey White Jersey , ice sledge hockey and wheelchair curling.


Behind a career day for quarterback Matt Schaub, the Houston Texans erased a 17-14 halftime deficit to score– points in the second half and defeat the host Cincinnati Bengals 28-17. Schaub threw for 342 yards and 4 touchdowns against one interception in the solid road victory. Against a team that had won three straight games in the final seconds, Houston never gave Cincinnati the chance to create any late drama. Cincinnati dropped to 4-2 with the loss while Houston evened their record at 3-3.

Houston took the money as +3′ road underdogs with the outright win, and both teams are now 3-3 on the season against the NFL pointspread. The 45 points just managed to stay UNDER the po

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