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will affect the compactness composite flooring

in Schwerhörigkeit 04.09.2017 08:22
von qizhen0809 | 1 Beitrag

and even three locks, and there is an elastic tongue lock on the floor. No matter what kind of lock is used, the biggest goal is to solve the problem of floor assembly. The locking hook is actually connected by the physical force of the tenon to block the floor together. When installing, the floor and the floor are locked by locking into the slot, and the quality of the lock directly determines the size of the locking force,

and the size of the locking force, in turn, will affect the compactness of the assembly. Good locking, so that the bite force between the floor just right, so as to ensure long-term stability of the floor. Of course, the lock is not the more the better, it depends on how the actual pull, but from the amount of choice to lock the floor is unwise. The pull of the locking floor mainly depends on the angle of the lock and the area of the chamfer. Consumers in the purchase,

do not over believe in the floor of the text information, it is best to use a hand pull, pull a good product in the pull when there will be no change, but there will be no gap. And try to buy some big brand products. small sum up: on the number of locking floor lock number, through the above introduction, I think you must have known. If you want to learn more,
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