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Stainless steel plate, the achievements of the history of aviation manufacturing legend

in Der Ort Stegen 11.10.2016 07:55
von linan110112 | 76 Beiträge

Aircraft manufacturing history of stainless steel plate to do this component is a very small part of the use of components, and a large number of stainless steel manufacturing aircraft, is the former Soviet Union Mikoyan Design Bureau developed a MiG -25 "fox bat" fighter. Speaking of the MiG-25 "Fox Bat", the most famous not only because it is the world's first flight to Mach 3 speed of the aircraft. But took place in September 6, 1976, former Soviet Soviet pilot Viktor Belenko defection. It is precisely because of this incident, only to let us know the MiG -25 "Fox bat", this frame has been afraid of the West before the plane. The process of the incident must have we all know, no longer elaborate. We talked to the stainless steel plate.Large Stainless Steel Pipe Clamps

Bilenko driving the MiG -25 "fox bat" defected Japan, the plane a few days later was Japan and the United States large unloading eight, can break down the whole demolition, this let the West know the truth of the plane. In the meantime, because of the emergence of the aircraft, the Western world agreed that the level of aviation manufacturing in the Soviet Union is NO1, apart from the results, but never expected, electronic devices are also used behind the semiconductor. Although the understanding of the aircraft is not imagined so advanced and advanced, but still deeply admire the Soviet designers in the use of materials to achieve the height.2.5 inch carbon steel seamless pipe

According to the analysis of aircraft fuselage eighty percent is stainless steel manufacturing, and a considerable number of steel structure is used in a variety of welding process rather than riveting riveting system, which makes Japan and the United States inspectors is difficult to imagine how this aircraft is flying up ?? The reality is not only fly up, but also flew to Japan.Where to buy stainless steel tubing

We all know that most of our current manufacturing aircraft are made of aluminum alloy as the main raw material, the aircraft design and manufacture of these years more use of composite materials, the biggest advantage of these two materials is light, strength, which can be the largest To reduce the weight of the aircraft in order to carry more fuel or load. Stainless steel plate of this material with very little, but as little as possible, if an aircraft with stainless steel plate as the main material manufacturing aircraft, aircraft structure is absolutely tough to build, and the aircraft weight will be outrageous, to fly, The power of the aircraft is much stronger, and the light feels incredible.304 Seamless Steel Pipe

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