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How to Get Excavators Out of Mud

in Der Ort Stegen 18.08.2016 11:40
von sanyglobal | 60 Beiträge

Operate Excavator carefully on muddyground and avoid getting excavators trapped in mud. If themachine is trapped in mud, drive it out as perthe following instructions:

When one side of the tracks is trapped in mud,swing the boom to the side of the trappedtrack and use the bucket to lift the track. Placewood planks or logs under the track and thendrive the machine out of the mud. Small Excavator Note that when the boom and arm are used to lift themachine, put the bottom of the bucket onthe ground.Put wood planks under the bucket bottom ifnecessary.The boom and arm shall form an angle between90 and 110°.

When both tracks are trapped in mud, insertwood planks under the tracks anddo the same way as described above and cut your bucketinto the ground in front of the machine. Medium Excavator Retract the arm as you do in normal excavation and drive the machine out of mud.

After gettingthe excavatoroutmud, you need to adjust the bucket. You can park the machine on a level ground and lowerthe bucket to the ground.Run the engine at a low speed and fix the bucketon the ground.Large Excavators Slowly turn the upperstructure counterclockwise till the inside ofthe left side of the bucket contacts closelywith the left end surface of the arm.Place the lockout controllever to the LOCKED position and remove the spacer.

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