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Key Points for Excavator Operation

in Der Ort Stegen 08.08.2016 11:28
von sanyglobal | 60 Beiträge

Do not lift the boom while driving
Some apprentices think the vision is much better if you lift the boom to the highest and totally stretch the bucket rod with the bucket towards the sky. Actually, it is very dangerous, since if you lift the bucket to the highest, the gravity of Excavators is higher. The excavator might turn over if the road is uneven.

Be careful in the mud
If the excavator works in moor or bench land, you’d better use bucket to try whether the ground can bear the weight of excavator. Even the crawler Large Excavators may also be stuck. Besides, do not stay in the same place for too much time and try to drive in a straight line instead of swerving.

The excavator’s dead zone
Usually, the cab is in the left side of the excavator.The sight in the middle part is warded off by the boom. Therefore, the right sight becomes the dead zone. The rear part of the right is more serious. Many accidents of the excavator arecaused by the rotation of the right part,leading toinjury and even death. So if the worksite is not spacious, try to drive in the left, and leave more space to the right part.What’s more, the rearview mirror of Midi Excavator is frail, whichmight be bumped and drop down in transportation. Therefore, be careful forthe rearview mirror especially the right side one.

Operating above the gutter
An eligible driver should have independent thought and safety awarenessduring digging a gutter.It is unsafe to drive back, since the road might be collapsed after being excavated. If you really need Mini Diggers the gutter again, you should fill the gutter first, and then drive back. So the best way is to let the worker measure the gutter precisely or you excavate slowly and get off several times to make sure the degree of the slope.

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