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Everyone can do lash extension

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Each lash extension do? Lash extension, of course, also depends on the quality of your own natural lashes. If your eyelashes are thick, curling, which lashes out effect is the best. After the lash extension, not only thick, lilash curling but also grow a lot, but also very comfortable. If their lashes are short enough to curl it, you can try a transplant surgery hair follicles.

How long will it lash extension can keep? This is every Eyelash grafting female friends will think of questions. Eyelash though it was always short, and in fact will grow in it, accompanied with a loss. Usually on the face or some women eyes movement when makes lashes fall off. Typically, grafting of eyelashes can maintained to about 1.5 months to two months.

False eyelashes are of course colors can be selected. Society becomes lilash eyelash serum nz more open, many women dare to try different colors of eyelashes, false eyelashes with purple, black, and pink and Brown. These eyelashes black eyelashes and our own mix, but your own eyelashes do not need staining.

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