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Six steps can help you lose weight

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1, in accordance with the order of the fluids - vegetables - staples - meat to eat.This can effectively reduce your intake of calories.Can't you hungry belly growling.

2, resolutely no longer eat, after 9 p.m. except water.As far as possible seven break gel body maintenance in advance you dinner time, let the body before going to bed just finish digest the food.

3, 3 floor, resolute don't take the elevator.The mall or stairs is such, don't take the elevator to climb the stairs.If you climb 10 flights of stairs every day, it is equivalent to your running for 10 minutes.

4, the weekend also want to exercise.Most people can find a reason to not exercising a lot of weekend, but if you are willing to spend more time on the weekend, you will be faster to reach your weight loss goals.

5, Fried foods will not only make you grow fat, still can cause cancer, skin becomes poor.Stay away from them.

6, adding alkaline food intake.Such as seaweed, vegetables,seven break 7 green radish, bean curd, etc., although this kind of food for people "don't go without meat huan", for the most part not appetite, but they are beneficial to the body of food.

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