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Pregnant women how to protect the breast

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Expectant mothers, the new mother's breast will be changed, so in order to maintain the aesthetic feeling of the breast, to pay more attention to in this period.

1 pregnancy loose-fitting large sizes can reduce the discomfort of pregnant women with breast trailer produced, also can avoid premature breast sagging.In 7 months of pregnancy, mothers should be timely in bella cream review larger bra, nursing bra is the best choice.

2 a day with warm water clean milk to smooth dredge breast, promote the blood circulation, can every day with warm water scrubbing the breast, and do some soft massage.Pregnant women flat nipple, can often will nipple gently pull a pull outward.

Nursing bras whether breastfeeding or progress, will have different degrees of breast prolapse, but as long as appropriate measures, can make a breast are protected.New mother to wear the bra, a suitable size to prevent after breast enlargement, heavier, skin and internal support group because of the pull overreach.Nursing bra with a removable pads, can lift breasts, also can suck a net leakage of breast milk.

4 nursing ahead "warming up" before each nursing, you'd better rub breasts, or use the hot towel and gently apply the.Breastfeeding, don't let children excessive pull nipples.After every feeding, lift bella breast cream breasts gently with the hand, and make appropriate massage.Wash in warm water twice a day, increase the breast of suspensory ligament elasticity, prevent breast prolapse.Lactation to avoid excessive weight gain, otherwise, stop milk will increase after breast prolapse.

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